At this time, the companion book for the 2018 exhibition is available only in German; English and Spanish versions are in the planning stage.
The book as well as posters of the exhibition can be purchased at the Pforzheim Gallery.


Franz Littmann


Das Künstlerehepaar Vera und Bert Joho

ISBN 978-3-00-060105-7
Pforzheim, 1. Auflage 2018

© Herausgegeben von
Liane Reinshagen-Joho, Amélie Reinshagen-Plaehn,
Olivia Reinshagen-Hernández

Gestaltung: Carsten Blind, Asperg
Druck: mediaprint, Paderborn
Bildnachweis siehe S. 176


The artwork of Vera and Bert Joho is not for sale online; if you are interested in a purchase, please contact us at the email addresses provided.

If you are interested in a specific theme and/or medium, we can provide you with information about paintings that are not included in this exhibition.